Saturday, April 1, 2006

Howard Dean Is An Ass, And I Don't Mean Donkey

Mr. Dean wants to talk smack about far right-wingers? Does he not have any realization that he's a far left-winger? Then there's the content of his speech. So it's far right-wing to want people to come into this country legally? Well, this would only be the second time I've been tossed into the far pile of the right-wing. What do you expect. It's Howard Dean. The man who grew up with servants in his home. I wonder how many of those were illegals. "Oh Rosario, fetch master Dean's bottle." "Oh Jorge, change master Dean's diaper."
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Anonymous said...

Chris, for him to be a far left-winger, he'd have to be calling for the removal of capitalism, the ending of the oppression of the workers and so on and so forth.

And I do find it amusing that rather than writing a cogent and logical reason why it should be illegal, you stoop to insulting him instead. Arguing against him as a person won't make what he says any less correct or incorrect.