Friday, April 14, 2006


About damn time. Federal law enforcement won't do anything, so it's left to local. They're finally enforcing the law. Something they swore to do when the become police officers. The article talks about a group of men who were arrested for criminal trespassing. Police suspected they were illegals and called federal immigration agents.
When they arrived, seven of the men had made bail and Mr. Jimeniz, who was not able to pay his bail, was taken by the immigration agents to a federal detention wing of the Pike County Jail in Hawley, Pa., where he has remained since, fighting deportation.

"He has no criminal record," said Vanessa Merton, director of the Immigration Justice Clinic of the Pace University Law School, which represents Mr. Jimeniz. "He is a roofer. He is supporting five children."
Boo-freakin'-hoo. I feel a little bit bad, but not that much. Mr. Jimeniz should have thought about all that before breaking the law by crossing the border illegally. Everything that happens is nobody's fault but his own. I'm tired of trying to be made to feel guilty about this. It's not my fault this guy screwed his family over. If he is here illegally, send him back. And before anyone whines about that "compassionate Conservative" crap, that's not me. That's Bush's word.
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