Saturday, April 8, 2006

Gitmo Hell

Reader John K brought this to my attention.

Shut Gitmo down now. This is nothing more than an American ran torture chamber. Oh, wait, I was reading it wrong. These two boys are praising it. Sorry, I almost bought into the propaganda there for a second. Silly me. But I do wonder why 12 and 13 year old boys were brought there. They could have kept them in Afghanistan rather than take them to Cuba, but that's them and not me. But this seems to go against what Bush haters say about Gitmo. If you listen to them it's a place full of horror. Wait, I know. They treated these two boys just fine so they could go back out and say how good it was. That's it. Tricky American military.

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Anonymous said...

1) No linky - so none of us know what it is you're ranting about.
2) Children are generally treated better in the US anyway. They're not considered able of having a "criminal mindset" so they're generally let off nicely. Hence why it's always shocking to hear about children murdering people - children are stereotyped as being docile.

Christopher Lee said...

1) Oops, sorry. It's up now.
2)It doesn't shock me when a kid kills someone. Children can be just a psychotic, of not more so, than adults.

Anonymous said...

Ahh - very good. The problem is that generally speaking, it does shock the public. You and I may know better, but for some strange reason, it always gets to that sensationalised level whenever a child gets taken to court on those kinds of charges.

Britain had a pair of children who tied down another small child onto train tracks. Caused utter uproar at the time.

The reason for the uproar though, as I said, is because children are considered innocents, and thus it scares people when they prove not to be.

Anonymous said...

Ah, and from the article, one can see that they did get treated differently.

How many gitmo prisoners do you think got to spend days at the beach snorkelling? Or watch movies, go to class and play football?