Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Worst Case Scenario

Recently I did a post Intolerant Bigots. And in the comments our good friend Za asked said
You've yet to posit a single reason why illegal immigrants are bad for the US - but they're evil and illegal, and should be thrown back into the pithole they came from.
To which I replied
You want a reason. Here's a good one. Disease. People come across the border with no medical inspection and we have no idea what they may have. Someone could cross the border with smallpox and we'd never know it. But I'm guessing that's no good enough a reason for you so dismiss it.
Which of course he did. Now, I was using smallpox as an example, but I guess he didn't get that. Anyway, here's a story that could maybe one day be just exactly what I was talking about. This woman in Los Angeles was hospitalized with bubonic plague. Officials think she may have gotten the disease from fleas in her home. But, now try to keep up with me, what if someone comes into this country illegally. Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Irish, I don't care. They would come into this country, no background check, no medical examination what so ever. They're sick. Could be anything. "Super AIDS", tuberculosis or even Avian Flu, just for examples. They're too scared to go to the hospital, which would be free because emergency rooms can't turn anyone away and the American tax payer ends up footing the bill, because they may get deported. They go on, getting sicker and sicker, infecting more and more people until it's a full blown epidemic.

Now, like the title says, this is a worst case scenario. Could this happen. You better believe it. Will it happen? Hope to God it won't. So, if the law isn't enough of a reason to stop illegal immigration, maybe this could be. But, for some, I doubt it.
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Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to leave Los Angeles.

Disease is not something I had really thought about, but what you said in your post is totally true: it could or would create a full-blown epidemic. Good point. Ick, we are trying to get out of here as fast as possible.

Crazy Politico said...

That is another interesting reason that isn't brought up Chris.

Anonymous said...

My point was that you were hyping it up.

The only thing of any danger would be Avian flu, and you'll have trouble getting that from Mexico.

AIDS isn't as contageous like most diseases, and the rest are all curable. Heck, if you'd read that article you'd have realised that bubonic plague is treatable witn antibiotics.

Disease is hardly a problem these days.