Monday, April 10, 2006

Protests Turn Violent

It was bound to happen, and now it has.
Dozens of people pressing for rights for illegal immigrants gathered for a peaceful demonstration on Monday just minutes after a counter-protestor was bloodied by a teenager who hid his face with a bandanna.
Low and behold, DeoDuce and myself called it. And read what this Rev. Viginia Maria Rincon had to say. Real Christian of her. Only problem is that the victim, Robert Gorman, wasn't doing what she accused him of.

This is only the first of what may be many more to come as this debate really heats up.
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Anonymous said...

Push me over with a feather!

Not surprising. It's only scary. I'm telling you, all these protestors need is a spark and the whole shebang goes up in flames. The fat lady sings. Kaboom. And we have millions of rioting illegals sweeping through our major cities.

It's extreme, but if I were Vincente Fox I would be orgasmically happy about all of this and try to make a land grab or something.

Christopher Lee said...

I don't know about the land grab, but you know Fox is enjoying this. All these people that come here a just less burden on his already screwed up country.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know the land grab thing is off-base, but I would do it if I were him. Who'd stop him? He already has 12 million willing soldiers this side of El Paso.

Christopher Lee said...

Oh, it wasn't off base. I don't think Fox would do it, but I wouldn't put it past some future president to try something like that.