Sunday, April 9, 2006

The Gospel Of Judas

Did anyone else watch this on The National Geographic Channel? I found it rather interesting. If you missed it you should watch it Thursday when they air it again. You've probably seen it being talked about on the news but you only got a small sample. I don't follow the Christian belief but I was intrigued. Basically what the Gospel Of Judas, the actual document that was found, said was that Judas wasn't the evil betrayer he's been made out to be. That Christ himself told Judas that he was to arrange his death and that by doing so he, Judas, would be privy to things no one else would would be in Heaven. That he would see things that even no Angel had ever seen. Another thing I found rather interesting is that the Gospel also said that the God Christians worship isn't the supreme God. The God that created the Earth isn't worth being worshiped. That no one is worthy of even speaking his name. Like I said, you should check this out.
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Anonymous said...

There's also the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which is the first ever feminist document. There's the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Phillip... there's actually meant to be possibly around 32 such gospels.

And funnily enough, the majority of them disagree with each other. The closest one that fits in with the core four is Thomas, but even then, it's rampantly anti-feminist (but then again, so is Paul, so I dunno).

Anonymous said...

great story on JUDAS find book. one question, has anyone in usa
commented on how image of Judas was used for long time as antisemitic
slur againnt Jews for betraying Jesus? Even today.....

[I say this as a Jew, SMILE!]

Anonymous said...

I'm skeptical of Judas because it goes against every Christian teaching. But then again, I'm open-minded when it comes to things other than immigration and terrorism. And abortion. Add gun control to that list. Might as well include homosexuality. Ok fine, I'm not open-minded.

Christopher Lee said...

Open minded? Jeez, who do you think you are, a Democrat?

goliah said...

Like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi discoveries, this latest 'gospel' increases the amount of new scriptural material only available this century, making the concept of 'canonical scriptures' untenable and reminds us that any claims of understanding founded upon them are both incomplete and always open to question.

What might 'Christianity' look like if all these resources were available from the beginning? Check this link: