Friday, April 7, 2006

Gloal Warming

In 1998 scientests had a whole other reason as to why the planet was getting warming. And it had nothing to do with Bush not signing the Kyoto protocol.
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Crazy Politico said...

Thank god, I thought you were going to blame my all bean diet from 1998!

Christopher Lee said...

Um, too much information.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is old. Mars is also warming up because of it. However, that won't do all the things that the current weather cycle is doing - things like less light per square metre hitting the ground each year. That's caused by an increase in pollution.

In turn, this causes a hotter upper atmosphere and a cooler lower atmosphere.

Not fun.

Duez said...

Global climate change can be attributed to many factors. Depletion of rainforests and deforestation, release of Co2 into the atmosphere, and burning fossil fuels are just some of them. It is true that factors like the sun is a part of it. But, so are cows farting. The key is to prevent the man-made irritants to the planet. We are sorely lacking a global strategy. Sadly it will catch up to us. As someone that lives in Hurricane central on the Texas coast... I am not too happy about it.