Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Illegal Immigration Reform

Just like Chirac Frenched out and back away from job reform in France, I'm afraid our leaders will puss out and grant amnisty to illegal immigrants already in this country when the come back into session. Not only that, but I'm afraid they'll also totally ignore the problem of the border. I wish I could say "stupid Democrats" but I can't because my fellow Republicans are for this as well. And Bush is leading this whole thing. What has happened to America?
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The Chief said...


I think I detect a sense of frustration in your posts lately. Me too.

Christopher Lee said...

No, it's beyond frustration. I'm pissed. I'm pissed at the people WE vote into office caring more about getting that all important "latino voting block" than obeying the laws of the land or the lives of the American people. They're so scared of offending Latinos that they're putting us all in danger, both physically and economically. It's almost enough to make me no longer want to vote. Republicans deserve to lose this November and in 2008 if they keep this up.

The Chief said...

I too am disgusted Chris that so called Republicans are behaving like the gutless politicans they are. But, do you want the Moonbat libs in power?