Friday, April 28, 2006

Pro-Criminal Rally

So, they're planning another pro criminal rally. I wonder how many illegal immigrants will be in attendance? Hey, here's a crazy idea. How about the government sending federal immigration agents to some of these rallies and arresting a few illegals. Here's an even crazier idea. How about making local law enforcement do their jobs and arrest some as well. No, that could never work. Actually enforcing the laws? That's stupid.
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alyceclover said...

There are so many Immigrants in the US, not all are Mexicano. Often find Chinese smuggled in via the shipyards. Heard the Mayor of LA chanted with the protesters, "we cleaned your toilets". He (and them) didn't clean mine, I have to clean them myself. I also couldn't get a job cleaning toilets, because I don't know how to speak Spainish. Weird. The word missing from the protests is ILLEGAL. Others use legal means, why can they not do likewise? It's rather silly isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hardly silly - some just simply can't afford it.

Oddly enough (and this may sound strange to you), but when you don't have much money, you generally can't get much.
If you were to move to a completely new state, with no cash, and attempt to get a house and a job, you wouldn't be able to do it.

Now imagine that your life has been like that from birth, and you might see why they do it.