Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fifa Ranking

I know most people in this country don't watch real Football, but if you're a fan then you have to be amazed at where the U.S. team is ranked. Number 5 in the world. Soccer isn't even our game and yet we're ranked better than England, Mexico, Spain and Italy, among others, where the game is almost a religion. I've only just started watching the game in the last three years so I still don't too much about it, but I'm surprised that the US is number 5 in the world. Just too bad they won't win the World Cup.
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Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch it than Pro football (US football). Here is KC the Wizards are unbeaten this year while the Royals (MLB) are sucking as usual and the Chiefs (NFL) are talking but not walking. Soccer rocks! I can't believe the US is ranked.