Thursday, April 6, 2006

Why I Live Democrats

You all are the dumbest people on the planet, but every once and a while something will come along that makes me love you.
Black Republican
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Anonymous said...

It is slightly ironic that you call them the "dumbest people on the planet" and yet didn't notice that you wrote the title as "Why I Live Democrats".

The other thing is you fail to explain why they're so "dumb". I've yet to see you touch on any one of their policies - so it can't be that. :P

Opinionnation said...

Za, a typo and being dumb is different...never mind. Somehow I think would be incapable of understanding what I mean. At least you stayed on topic...oh, no you didn't.

They throw Oreos at black republicans and they constantly slander them. I guess I'm not surprised they are willing to plan to smear the man. I guess the positive ideas and plans are still eluding the democraps

Anonymous said...

One imagines that it only requires a quick check over what you've written to spot a typo.

And these "positive plans" that are "eluding" them - wouldn't happen to include... oh, I dunno, helping to decrease poverty levels? Oh wait - I forgot. That's party policy, and not the actions of a minority of democrats. Sorry, my bad.