Monday, April 17, 2006

It's Only For Peace?

Surprisingly, there are people in this world who actually believe Iran is seeking nuclear power for peaceful purposes.
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Well, according to this NY Times article(you need to register to read but it's free) that may not be so true.
Then on Thursday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Tehran was "presently conducting research" on the P-2 centrifuge, boasting that it would quadruple Iran's enrichment powers. The centrifuges are tall, thin machines that spin very fast to enrich, or concentrate, uranium's rare component, uranium 235, which can fuel nuclear reactors or atom bombs.
Then we have this CNN article from 2004 which gives a better explanation of what a P-2 centrifuge is for and that even then Iran was in the process of building one even though they said they wern't.
A P-2 centrifuge can produce much more uranium appropriate for production of nuclear weapons than a P-1, which the nation confirms it has.
Iran has said that they had P-1 which are used for making nuclear energy for power, so why would they need a more sophisticated P-2 if they didn't want weapons?

This story stems from this post on Opinionnation Times. In it Anthony says
If this statement from Iran’s radical president holds any truth whatsoever, it means that Iran is expediting its quest to acquire nuclear weapons. If this action and the many others taken by Iran have yet to convince you of their intentions, then I implore you to take a step back for a minute. Dislodge yourself from the anti-Bush disease that has gripped you so tightly, and think of the consequences.
Exactly. Think of the consequences of a nuclear Iran.

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Opinionnation said...

It's getting damn serious my friend.

Christopher Lee said...


Anonymous said...

Nuclear reactors use enriched uranium.

The fact that they're working on better enrichment processes is just as easily assignable to the fact that they want more cost-efficient nuclear power as it is to nuclear weaponry.

And if you look into the actual RECORDS of what's being done in Iran, rather than a newspaper's insinuations, you might see that they don't have nuclear weapons and have no project to make one.

And even if they were trying to make one, we'd actually be aware of it (rather than being aware of the US's allegations) long before it happens.

This is hysteria, hype and insinuation, not fact or reality.

Opinionnation said...

"And if you look into the actual RECORDS"

Why do you provide us with your actual records? Since you are familiar with them and have access to Iran's internal documents, I’m sure it will be quite easy for you to link them. And then you can provide them to the UN because they happen to assume Iran is developing WMD.

Lol, this guy is a nutter

Anonymous said...

The UN is the producer of said documents.

And no, they happen to assume that Iran isn't, but that they have the technology to do so.

Sorry - your grasp of the facts is flawed.

Christopher Lee said...

Za, you sure you don't want to rethink that?

And from the UN itself.

From the tone of these three articles, it seems the UN is concerned that Iran may be making weapons. Only a complete moron would think they're not.

Anonymous said...

None of that says that the UN thinks they ARE making nukes - just that they have the capacity to do so.

And similarly, those are all from 2004 or 2005. Check the damn dates.

Yes, the UN called on Iran to show that its nuclear program was peaceful last year. Good for you. As of March THIS year, there's no evidence that they ARE making nuclear weapons.

So far Iran has done nothing wrong other than tell people to kindly sod off, and opened up their powerplant faster than people would like.

So would you like to rethink that, based on current information, or would you like to continue working on last year's rumour mill?