Tuesday, April 25, 2006

War On Terror Round 3

First we targeted Iraq. Then we set our sights on Iran. Now, Cuba is in our cross hairs. At least according to Hugo Chavez. This man is off his damn rocker. What the hell do we want with Cuba? What, do we want our 1950's Chevy Bel Air's back? I wonder if Chvez has ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist? Talk about paranoid.
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Anonymous said...

Paranoid... because the US has been trying for decades to bring Cuba down?

At the same time Venezuala is one of the biggest oil producers in South America, and has been avoiding trading it in US dollars by bartering it with Cuba.

At the same time Iran is looking into changing from trading for oil in US dollars to trading in Euros. So is Russia.

And so on. If the Euro-trend spreads to widely, then the US economy gets severely damaged.

At the same time, Cuba is sort of seen as the "ring-leader" of all the leftist nations in South America, mainly because it was the "pioneer", so attacking Cuba could demoralise those nations and bring them back into the liberal economy fold.

There's plenty of reasons if you look.